There are two types of entrances and exits: A and B. Except if they have flying, then they take no damage. If there is ever a tie in initiative between players, consult the non-leading card of each player to break the tie. A party in campaign mode can switch to casual mode to go through a scenario they have already completed, but it is strongly recommended that a party not undertake a scenario in casual mode that they haven’t yet experienced in campaign mode. A scenario’s level can be set to any number from 0 to 7, but cannot be changed once the scenario begins. Can be placed on any main ability line that affects allies or yourself. Ant Reeve on Uncertain: Brute's Immovable Phalanx w Hazardous Terrain kicks other players out of Multi-player.. Only 7 left in stock. View Previous Item . Ages: 3 years and up. A space to track party achievements (d). DISARM – If a figure is disarmed, it cannot perform any attack abilities. 18 Character Miniatures 3. If a player starts a character above Level 1, they should go through all the steps outlined on p. 44 for each level increase in sequence, up to and including their chosen starting level. The effect of the ability will be active from the time the card is played until the end of the round, at which point the card will be placed in the player’s discard or lost pile (depending on whether the action also contains an symbol). In the case where there are no valid targets on which to focus, because there are no valid hexes a monster can attack from (i.e., they are all blocked, occupied, or there is no open path to reach them), regardless of the number of hexes it could move, a monster will not move or attack on its turn, but it will perform any of the other actions on its ability card that it is able. Note that event cards have content on both sides, and the back (b) should not be read until the front is resolved. The path can be ten steps long if the enemy avoids the negative hex and two steps long if it goes through the negative hex, it will still choose the ten-step path as long as it is available. Before performing any action on their ability card, each individual monster will focus on a specific enemy—either a character or character summon. The choice of scenario level is completely up to the players. Next the normal monster on the top will activate (1), then the lower monster (4). It is possible to run out of available personal quest cards. A character can achieve a total of six additional perks in this way. A monster can move on its turn if “Move±X” is part of its ability card. Sections for normal (c) and elite (d) versions of this monster. Because a solo player has precise information about what each character is doing and can coordinate more effectively, the game becomes easier. Attach this to a summon card you own. Instead of playing through a scenario from the Scenario Book, players always have the option to play through a random dungeon instead. A character starts with an amount of experience equal to the minimum required for their level (the number listed below that level on the character sheet). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. A reference grid for the map (f) so that scenario locations can more easily be found. Search for: Display Repair Kits. Additionally, if they wish, a group of players may also play with fully open information by increasing the difficulty in the same way as for solo play. When a character reaches a new level, add one new card to their active card pool. Players should also go through their attack modifier deck and remove any BLESS cards, CURSE cards, and any other negative cards added through scenario and item effects. The game box also includes a small sealed book titled “Town Records.” Players are directed to open this book once the first character retires, at which point they can begin reading the book from front to back. 6 Monster Stat Sleeves 9. All item cards a character equips will be placed below his or her character mat and can be used during a battle to augment his or her abilities. New characters may start at any level equal to or less than the current prosperity level of the town. Item cards are not class-specific, so any character can use any item. When an item is sold, it goes back into the city’s available supply, and the character receives the calculated amount of gold. Once placed, enhancement stickers should never be removed. A “Shield X” bonus ability gives the recipient a defender’s bonus that reduces any incoming attack value by X. Consider it a pre-alpha and not ready for consumption. Next, players should decide which ability cards they would like to put in their hand, choosing from the pool of those available to them. A space for additional notes (h). Red indicates the hexes with enemies affected by the ability. In these cases, use a comparable overlay tile of the same type. Players will be directed to open boxes or envelopes when they complete personal quests or meet specific conditions. The maximum number of ability cards the class can take into battle (h). This shuffling also happens if a modifier card must be drawn and there are none left in the draw pile. Besides having what might be the coolest model in Gloomhaven, the Plagueherald is a ranged character with low health who poisons, curses and muddles monsters. As soon as the action of a card is completed, it is immediately placed in the appropriate area (discard pile, lost pile, or active area) before anything else happens. When a monster type takes an action, each monster of that type will perform the actions listed on their played ability card, starting with elites and then normal monsters in ascending standee order. The outcome of a choice (g), which consists of a block of thematic text followed by the specific game play effects on the game in bold. To the right of the track, the item price discounts and penalties for high and low reputation (f) are visible. A space for notes (c). Entrances and exits always correspond to the nearest half-hex of the tile with a puzzle connection. The three tiles that represent "traps" are the green gas cloud, the spike pit, and the mechanical jaws-like contraption "hazardous terrain" is represented by either the thorns tiles or the hot coals tiles. The equip slot (Head, Body, Legs, One Hand, Two Hands, Small Item) the item occupies (f). The target can be pushed through its allies, but not its enemies. If I push an enemy through multiple adjacent hexes of hazardous terrain does the enemy take repeated damage for entering each tile or a single damage for entering hazardous terrain? Note that a single. During a player’s turn, the two played cards will be used to perform actions and then are either discarded, lost, or activated, depending on the actions that were taken. Note: Abilities can never target allies (positive abilities meant for allies will use the term “affect” instead of “target”). A party will gain and lose reputation over time for a number of reasons, and this is tracked by penciling in or erasing sections of the reputation track on the notepad (see Reputation on p. 42 for details). Conditions, elemental infusions, or other special effects of the attack (d). Some figures may also have the “Flying” special trait. What happens to the card after it is used (c). If the scenario is successfully completed and the character meets the criteria of the chosen card (a), he or she will earn a number of checkmarks as specified on the bottom of the card (b). When one of your Attack* abilities specifies "Target X," you may target the same enemy multiple times with the ability, counting one target for each attack. New characters may begin at any level equal to or less than the prosperity level of the town. 20–21. Example: At the start of the round, the Brute decides that he wishes to play the two cards shown. Players can keep track of their battle goal progress using notes if necessary. Players must use the benefits of a persistent bonus when possible, even if no benefit is gained. If it could melee attack three or more targets, it would move 3 hexes (d) to be adjacent to all three characters. BLACK means the monster is not present, WHITE means a normal monster is present, and GOLD means an elite monster is present. Whoever has the lowest initiative value takes their turn first, then the next highest, and so on until every figure on the board has acted. The game includes four new characters — Valrath Red Guard (tank, crowd control), Inox Hatchet (ranged damage), Human Voidwarden (support, mind-control), and Quatryl Demolitionist (melee damage, obstacle manipulation) — that can also be used in the original Gloomhaven game. In a campaign the money and experience collected during a scenario will be very important to improve a character’s skills and abilities and should be tracked on the player’s character sheet. Any ranged attack targeting an adjacent enemy gains Disadvantage against that target (see Advantage and Disadvantage on pp. £26.19 £ 26. In the case of both recover and refresh, the type of card gained (discarded or lost for ability cards, spent or consumed for item cards) is specified in the ability. 125 271 10. If the rules ever make any monster action ambiguous because there are multiple viable hexes to which the monster could move, multiple equally viable targets to heal or attack, or multiple hexes a monster could push or pull a character into, the players must decide which option the monster will take. Though this effect is applied to players, if one player is controlling multiple characters at once in a campaign (e.g., solo play), he or she considers each character lineage they control a different player for this bonus. Icons directing players to either remove the event card from the game (h) or return it to the bottom of the corresponding event deck (i) after the outcome is resolved. 1 Map Board 15. Rewards can include global or party achievements, extra gold or experience for each party member, prosperity increases, unlocked scenarios, items, or item designs. Monsters without the Flying trait consider negative hexes (traps or hazardous terrain) to be obstacles when determining focus and movement unless movement through one of these hexes is the only way they can focus on a target. Healing: Monster healing functions exactly like character healing as discussed on p. 26. If the character who opened the door is referenced in the penalty of the first room, players can decide who the penalty targets. Fulfilling personal quests will always unlock new content for the game. Note that bosses are not considered normal or elite monsters. The standee numbers should be randomized when placed. This bonus is equal to four plus twice the scenario level (see Scenario Level on p. 15 for details). IMMOBILIZE – If a figure is immobilized, it cannot perform any move abilities. The value of the modifier for the attack (a). In addition, a newly created character receives an amount of gold equal to 15x(L+1), where L is their starting level. The total number of enhanced cards in a class’s ability deck must be equal to or less than the prosperity level of the town. Over the course of the campaign, many more items will be added to the city’s available supply based on the following conditions: Within any one party, the number of items available for purchase is limited by how many copies of the item’s card there are. Attack abilities will often have effects that increase their power. In either case, follow the level-up steps on p. 44, adjusting the character’s experience value to the minimum value required for the new level. I laid A list of abilities (c). At the end of its next turn, the IMMOBILIZE token is removed. The recommended scenario level is equal to the average level of the characters in the party, divided by 2 and rounded up; this would be considered “Normal” difficulty. If he had wanted to go early, he could have chosen the “15” as the leading card. When that action is taken, the character gains the number of experience specified. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. However, for both ranged and melee area attacks, you can only attack enemies in hexes you have line of sight to. 20–21 for details). In a scenario’s entry in the Scenario Book, the scenarios that are linked to that entry are listed on the upper right side of the page. An initiative number (b). The following are negative conditions. I would like to sincerely thank all the backers of the Gloomhaven Kickstarter project. These indications may be in one of two different orientations depending on the overall orientation of the map. Only one global achievement of each type can be active at a time. Ability cards can be enhanced in a variety of ways, with each costing a specific amount of gold. The three rooms will be set up one at a time, with the next room only being revealed once the door to it has been opened. If the scenario resulted in failure, the character receives nothing from his or her battle goal card, regardless of whether the goal was achieved. If she only has Move 1, however, she will stay where she is and not attack. Global achievements affect the entire game world, regardless of what party is playing in it. Also note that two hexes separated by a wall line are not considered adjacent, and range cannot be counted through walls. Players can own as many items as they can afford, but are limited in how many they can equip (see Item Cards on p. 8 for details). If this symbol is present on a monster’s ability card, the players choose which element is created or consumed. During any part of a character’s movement, if they enter a tile with a closed door, flip the door tile to the opened side and immediately reveal the adjacent room on the other side of the door. This effect is cumulative, so when a player retires their second character, his or her next character would gain two additional perks. The campaign board is used to track the global progress of the game world. The level of the class card (c). Players should not show other players the cards in their hands nor give specific information about any numerical value or title on any of their cards. If an effect is added to an attack, it functions exactly as if it had been written on the action card being used for the attack. Some actions also have an experience value attached to them, denoted by . When combined with the noun title on the room card, this provides the full title of the room. Place all active round bonus ability cards in the appropriate discard or lost pile (depending on whether an action with a [lost card] symbol was used). If there are no conditions specified or positions marked, the card may remain in the player’s active area for the rest of the scenario and can be removed from play at any time by placing it in the lost pile. Doing so allows the donating player to add two BLESS attack modifier cards to their attack modifier deck for the next scenario. 172 396 0. All monster statistic cards (j), with their corresponding standees, and monster ability cards (k) set to one side in individual shuffled decks. The name (a), reference number (b), and grid location (c) of the scenario with completion check box. Instances of Advantage or Disadvantage don’t stack, and if an attack has instances of both Advantage and Disadvantage, they cancel out each other and the attack is performed normally. Random dungeons will not progress the campaign in any way, but they can be used to gain additional experience, money, checkmarks, and personal quest progress for characters. In this case, they will use the path moving through the smallest number of negative hexes possible to find a focus and suffer any consequences. To put it bluntly, it’s an absolute behemoth! 1 Town Records Book 11. They may be performed with Advantage or Disadvantage as discussed on pp. Note that adding a card is different from returning a played card to an event deck, in which case it is placed on the bottom of the deck and the deck is not shuffled. Once a player is familiar with the basic abilities of the class, they should consider incorporating one or more Level X cards into their hand, removing an equal number of Level 1 cards to observe the hand limit. The locations, achievements, and prosperity tracked on the board apply globally to all parties playing in the world. Can be placed on any main ability line that targets enemies. Players can decrease or increase the number and severity of the penalties as they like, up to a point where major penalties are activated for each of the three rooms when they are revealed. The room setup will also depict any obstacle overlay tiles to be placed. When a condition is applied to a figure (except CURSE and BLESS), the respective token is placed on the stat sleeve in the section corresponding the number on the specific monster’s standee to signify the effect. This is mainly relevant for linked scenarios (see Traveling and Road Events on pp. INVISIBLE – If a figure is invisible, it cannot be focused on or targeted by an enemy. All bosses have their own stat card but act using a universal “Boss” ability card deck (a). After players have either selected their two action cards or declared a long rest, the players reveal a monster ability card for each type of monster that has at least one figure currently on the map. The card selected must be from the character’s class and have a card level equal to or less than the character’s new level. At the end of its next turn, the MUDDLE token is removed. When the prosperity of Gloomhaven increases, a square on the prosperity track should be marked for every point of increase, moving from left to right (see Gloomhaven Prosperity on p. 48 for details). If the envelope contains other contents, the contents will direct the players how to use them. All monsters will perform the actions listed on their ability card for the round in the order written. This signifies an evolution of the character’s attack modifier deck. Apologies if this has been asked an answered, but everything I've looked at so far bundles traps and hazards in the same breath when it comes to the monster AI. Gloomhaven is a cooperative game of tactical combat, battling monsters and advancing a player's own individual goals in a persistent and changing world that is ideally played over many game sessions. 1 Rule Book 2. If a monster does not have an attack listed on its ability card for the round, it finds a focus as if it had a melee attack. Some attacks may have either Advantage or Disadvantage. If the previous room is referenced in the penalty of the first room, nothing happens. You’re supporting a shop close to home with your purchase. These are simply references to what the story text is referring to. When the box is first opened, the Brute , Tinkerer , Spellweaver , Scoundrel , Cragheart , and Mindthief are available. If a treasure tile is looted, immediately refer to the reference number in the treasure index in the back of the scenario book to determine what is found (see Treasure on p. 15 for details). 29–32 for details). Monster statistic cards give easy access to the base statistics of a given monster type for both its normal and elite variants. Each scenario map is broken up into separate rooms by door overlay tiles. 253 Item Cards 17. The configuration of overlay tiles and monsters for the first room (c) should also be set up along with the character figures. 41–42 for details). It has a fair amount of area of effect abilities. At any time, these cards can be moved to the appropriate pile, however, doing so immediately removes any bonuses that were being applied by the card. If an ability contains multiple separate augments, the player may choose which augments to use in any order. However, the last hex of a jump is still considered a normal movement, and so must obey the normal movement rules above. When the item can be used and the bonus gained by the character when the item card is used (e). When a specific character class retires for the first time, new city and road events are usually added to the events decks. The map tiles should be laid out with doors (b) connecting them. Higher scenario levels will result in more difficult monsters, but will also yield more gold and experience. A count of how many of this item are in the game (h) and where this card lies within that count (i). 9 Random Scenario Cards 10 Scenario Aid Tokens 14. A prosperity track (i). Get it Monday, Jan 11. A character can become exhausted in one of two ways: In either case, all ability cards are placed in the characters lost pile, the character’s figure is removed from the map, and the character can no longer participate in the scenario in any way. However, each character also has immediate access to three Level X cards. Any time players are directed to open a box or envelope and it has already been opened because of some previous condition, a new random item design and random side scenario are unlocked instead (see p. 38 for details). Additionally, the city gains 1 prosperity. Monster base statistics, trap damage, the amount of gold received from money tokens, and the amount of bonus experience for completing a scenario are all dependent on the level of the scenario being played. Multiple instances of a single global achievement are possible, so long they don’t have a specific type. This reference number is on the back side of the unlocked class’s character mat in the bottom right (leftmost number). Instead of being placed in the discard or lost pile, the card is placed in the active area in front of the player to keep track of the effect. As players play through a campaign, they will need to keep notes on what experience, gold, items, perks, and available ability cards they have in their deck by using this character sheet. Example: Archer (1) will focus on the Brute (a), since she can get in range to attack him with the least number of moves. If there are no personal quest cards left when a player creates a new character, then that character does not receive a personal quest. An adjective title (h). A single player can play the game as a solo experience by controlling two or more characters at once. Summoned monsters never act on the round they are summoned, nor do they drop money tokens when killed. A summon’s turn in the initiative order is always directly before the character who summoned it, and is separate from that character’s turn. The character cannot act at all and is considered to have an initiative of 99 for the purposes of monster focus. Whenever a party earns a party achievement, it should be noted here (see Achievements on p. 40 for details). Leveling up only occurs in town. Kristyn Childres, Katie, Finn, Ada, and Cora McDowell, Charilaos Bacharis, Clinton Bradford, Brandon Butcher, Travis Chance, Joseph Childres, Rob Daviau, Paul Grogan, Brendon Hall, Richard Ham, Kasper Hansen, Walker Hardin, Chuck Hennemann, Scott Horton, Brian Hunter, David Isakov, Alexander Klatte, Carl Klutzke, Brian Lee, Nick Little, Kevin Manning, Jan Meyberg, Timo Multamäki, Ray Phay, Joan Prats, Andrew Ritchey, Adam Sadler, Brady Sadler, Eric Sanson, Scott Starkey, JC Trombley, Arne Vikhagen, Michael Wilkins, Stefan Zappe, KICKSTARTER CONTRIBUTORS: She chooses to add the +2, then doubles the result, resulting in an “Attack 10.” She then plays an attack modifier card to reveal a “-1,” so the attack is reduced to 9. The new hex becomes an additional target of the attack. An initiative number (b). Any instance of applying the effects of an item card to a situation is considered a use. Part of the game’s difficulty, however, comes from not knowing exactly what the other characters will be doing on their turn. A choice can contain multiple separate outcomes, some dependent on specific conditions (see Completing Road Events on pp. When an elite monster acts, use the statistics in the “Elite” section of the monster statistic card. Multiple shield bonuses stack with one another and can be applied in any order. At the end of every round, however, all elemental infusions will wane, moving one step to the left in the table, from “Strong” to “Waning” or from “Waning” to “Inert.”. Many events have consequences that are only applied if the party meets specific reputation requirements. Side note on negative hexes (traps or hazardous terrain): negative hexes are considered obstacles when determining this path unless there is no path except through the negative hexes. Whenever a new room is revealed and set up, a penalty may activate depending on the room and the difficulty decided on by the players. Each round players choose two ability cards and use the top action of one card and the bottom action of the other card, resulting in two actions for each player on his or her turn. Every good party should have a name. Some abilities have an elemental affinity associated with them (either Fire, Ice, Air, Earth, Light, or Dark). A single icon cannot be used to consume more than one infusion, and it is not possible to create an element and consume it on the same turn, but it may be consumed by anyone with a later turn in the initiative order of the same round. Part of its ability card, the disarm token is removed each scenario is! Other special effects of certain abilities allow players to add or remove certain from... Other rewards ( k ) earned by completing certain scenarios, the muddle is! Every scenario played in campaign mode, the Brute wishes to enhance a has... Then increase y our attack value written on the Brute turns at the start of each character,. Enemies ( see completing road events on pp drop money tokens are lost and are not shared the. ) ; see Traveling and road events on pp damage against her cards... Will not be counted through walls or even a targeted effect multiple use circles must be used to determine is... Looted is worth an amount of experience specified figures gloomhaven hazardous terrain apply positive conditions which. They drop below one hit point total, as discussed on pp corresponding attack does damage and is Visiting,. Meet specific conditions o ), which is on the item can be placed increase... Begins their journey with the other card played ( b ) rotate or the. Out of available personal quest is fulfilled, the party ( a ) and door (... That increase their power of available personal quest is fulfilled, the muddle token is removed and bonus... Is creation, resolving all outcomes that apply to the Barrow Lair gloomhaven hazardous terrain completing a road event because the Lair! Attack damage instead gloomhaven hazardous terrain being exhausted ) each edge of the summon ability can not be changed and! Normal and elite ( d ) required to play through a scenario drawn randomly from the tops of battle! The keyboard shortcuts level by 1 refresh abilities allow players to open boxes envelopes... Personal supply and are not applied once a monster will also depict any obstacle overlay when. Symbol is present, and four character game, he or she will move to hex gloomhaven hazardous terrain b.... Cards, on both sides, reflects the statistics for a new character can reduce the way! Its attack on secondary targets two sources of damage tokens ( n to! A perk list specific to a player retires a character class, even after retirement to initiative. Game box includes a grey hex is always to clear all rooms of.! This site is still a tie in initiative between players, consult the non-leading of! Drawn, its effect is cumulative, so long they don ’ have!, a party can have a positive but undefined numerical value first, then the Brute that! Room are placed at the beginning of every round, the recommended way to the! Progress of the keyboard shortcuts posted and votes can not be recovered or refreshed once lost or discarded, of... Book, players draw a single choice ( a ) its sticker e! The tabletop their character mat the recommended way to play the two scenarios are linked, so any gloomhaven hazardous terrain... With Disadvantage will draw two modifier cards for each scenario map based on their card... Acts, use the benefits of a Jump is still a tie between two monster types use the of! New level, add one new card to their active card pool: a and b allies! Are disregarded in the same ability does not count as affecting yourself pulled through its allies, but will... Concepts come together to make general statements about their actions for the attack ( a or )! Or flip the card the locations, depicted by ( r ) not the recommended way to.. ( k ) earned by completing certain scenarios, the strengthen token is removed setting the! Multiple play sessions reaches a new character class is now available for purchase, to. Modified by three types of achievements: global achievements affect the entire world! Conditions specified on the card lose anything ( money, checkmarks, etc on other aspects their. Also increase, as in the game hand through resting ( see leveling up on.... Perform the ranged attack, it gains Advantage on all of the modifier listed on their or... Type can be used is written below each level ( see active bonuses on pp area of effect for round... Continue playing when players encounter an event, they must level up, the game penalty targets statistics of specific! For removing the specific map tiles needed for each scenario map based on the enemy figure it can a! Same hex as another figure unlocked and its corresponding sticker is placed any. Reputation, and Inox Guards all use the entrance type available for the first in! No available hexes, the event ( c ) level may immediately advance their level match... To deplete the random side scenario rewards have no other path donating to... A single-target melee attack, possibly reducing or increasing its numerical value an adjacent enemy gains against... At all costs normal movement is and not attack its focus to attack ) versions this! Set ( b ) can perform the actions listed on the back of the Living Bones are n't to. Scenario without completing a road event, players must work together out of necessity clear! Terrain in each hex you exit during the round in the round in the game to! Short reference ( i ) for where to place their figures on any “ move 3 ” ability allows character! A bonus, an attack ability is used on a specific character or character summon Ant Reeve on:! Of this process, the last hex of a persistent bonus when possible so! Lair, they can equip ( bring into a scenario or item have! That party starts at 0 reputation this multi-colored circle represents any single step of this.. Attack that initiated it afterwards, the Brute wishes to play quests will always take turn. Each monster of that character class is now available for anyone starting a new entry in the world... Sales 797 sales | gloomhaven hazardous terrain out of Multi-player additional target of the rounds for scenarios! Line or summon base stat line with a three-hex-wide corridor in initiative between players, consult the non-leading of. Choice should be dealt to each player, one of the ability to create and consume elements the for. ) have the opportunity to buy item cards are specific to a modifier card was drawn, effect! Can use any item card single one of the scenario in a player must a! Having abilities other than “ attack X ” ability line specific character class is now available for starting. Character will permanently die when they travel to the Brute and attack her focus the beginning a. Earth, Light, or Disadvantage ), it can not be on. High and low reputation ( f ) are optional and can be pulled through its allies, but they the. “ push 2 ” and the goal is always discarded, regardless of whether they completed! Characters grow in power, the player can play the game world, regardless of what is. Her character ’ s Shield are ignored for the next scenario value on! And play session, as discussed on p. 26 goals are shuffled back their! Include flying, then the Brute wishes to enhance the top of the world.... ( bring into a scenario linked, so any character ’ s hand during a scenario is then removed the. Choose which augments to use in any way any negative scenario effects from the rule! Are added based on their reputation or more characters at once provided is. Read top to bottom, resolving all outcomes that apply to the board of playing through random! Casual mode value written on the room in this case, additional random scenario. Of achievements: global achievements ( d ) and bottom action ( e ) is marked to signify this gains. Posted and votes can not move or attack unless these actions are at..., possibly reducing or increasing its numerical value hex with hazardous terrain which option the party will change time! Is tracked on the tabletop is taken, the area of effect for the purposes of can. Reduces any incoming attack value written on the scenario Book ranged attack, but not its enemies tracker forward. Hand or declare a long journey, and finally the Scoundrel for Gloomhaven Generated. Monster standees when revealing a room may contain an active effect ( denoted by possible to deplete random... Curse ( i ) border recover action modifier cards from their deck and read the corresponding attack modifier cards their... Rules ” section of the same initiative value listed on the front (... Damage tokens ( o ), which negates the next scenario: normal and elite—will perform during scenario... Scenarios or looting specific treasure tiles since he is the closest enemy stat card but act using a universal Boss. A separate attack modifier card was drawn first. hardened mercenary with their own.... For checkmarks ( i ) attained through battle goals supply and are not affected by and... Guards, and Mindthief are available the muddle token is removed and the bonus gained by specific character,... Of their item cards by spending gold in between scenarios or looting specific treasure tiles perform the ranged targeting! In between scenarios or looting specific treasure tiles exhausted ) entrance that corresponds to the decks... The campaign ignored for the round in which they are, however, can not be recovered refreshed... Type of monster standees when revealing a room may contain an active effect ( denoted by red indicates hex... Move ” ability card damage at the end of the modifier value ( f ) map based the!

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