Institutional Development

  • Formulation of policy framework
  • Administrative and legal reforms
  • Management and organization structure
  • Technical operations and maintenance
  • Management procedures
  • Facilities management
  • Technical assistance and staff training
  • Socio-economic studies
  • Tariffication studies
  • Computerised billing and collection
  • Financial management procedures

Information Technology and Computerised Services

  • State of art computer systems and facilities
  • Development of in-house computer programmes, design and modeling software
  • Application of software for the design of building structures, roads and bridges, water supply distribution networks, hydraulic structures, and infrastructures
  • Geographic information systems

Why We are Different

We are out to provide the client with a comprehensive consultancy service and by utilizing modern, state of the art, advanced management and engineering techniques, and information technology assure high quality, with utmost speed, efficiency and best economy. A further important goal of the company is to employ highly qualified and experienced engineers and technologists, emphasize teamwork and multidisciplinary approach and co-operation with other firms, some Universities and specialized institutions, which enables DIYOKES to handle projects to very high standards.