Structural Engineering

Diyokes Consultants has long standing experience in the design and construction supervision of public buildings, hotels, hospitals, housing estates, industrial, residential and commercial buildings.

We have also designed water tanks and towers, bunkers and silos inclu- ding architecture and urban development.

The Enugu Liaison office building in Abuja, international conference centre Enugu, Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) permanent site buildings and infrastructures, Loma Linda Housing Estate Enugu and the Judiciary Headquarters Enugu are some of our structural engineering projects.

Why We are Different

We are out to provide the client with a comprehensive consultancy service and by utilizing modern, state of the art, advanced management and engineering techniques, and information technology assure high quality, with utmost speed, efficiency and best economy. A further important goal of the company is to employ highly qualified and experienced engineers and technologists, emphasize teamwork and multidisciplinary approach and co-operation with other firms, some Universities and specialized institutions, which enables DIYOKES to handle projects to very high standards.