Erosion and Flood Control

Gully Erosion Control

Gully erosion has blighted many areas of Nigeria particularly Anambra, Abia, Imo and Enugu States. Recognition of our expertise in water resources engineering has Diyokes Consultants frequently engaged to perform engineering designs for erosion control structures and supervise their implementation. Among the key erosion control projects designed were World Bank assisted Abia state erosion control sites under the Nigerian Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP). Others include: Umuocham, Emekuku, Imo State gully erosion project, 9th-Mile crash programme boreholes gully erosion, greater Enugu water supply scheme Ajalli-Owa gully erosion project, etc. Structural measures used to check erosion and limit degradation included provision of diversion/interceptor drains, drop structures with stilling basins, gabion works, check dams, channels and sumps. The non structural measures utilized were revegetation.

Flood Control and Mitigation

Diyokes Consultants Limited is highly experienced and possesses specialised expertise in the field of flood damage mitigation. We have handled a diverse array of flood damage mitigation projects in Nigeria and other African countries through both structural and non-structural measures. We designed mitigation measures for flood damage mitigation in foru critical sites in Aba municipality for the World Bank assisted NEWMAP Abia State.

The structural measures for flood risk reduction and control schemes that we have provided include flood water storage in dams, detention and retention basins, river improvement and water conveyance facilities and diversion floodways, including channel capacity enhancements. Non-structural measures aimed at alleviating flood damages involves a larger suite of alternatives that include land use planning policies, conserveation practices, flood proofing, structure relocation, flood forecasting and warning systems, education and training of the public and residents as well as revegetation.

Why We are Different

We are out to provide the client with a comprehensive consultancy service and by utilizing modern, state of the art, advanced management and engineering techniques, and information technology assure high quality, with utmost speed, efficiency and best economy. A further important goal of the company is to employ highly qualified and experienced engineers and technologists, emphasize teamwork and multidisciplinary approach and co-operation with other firms, some Universities and specialized institutions, which enables DIYOKES to handle projects to very high standards.