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The Managing Director/CEO of Diyokes Consultants Limited, Engr. Inno Diyoke, has delivered a very powerful lecture, during the 2009 first quarterly lecture/meeting of Enugu branch of Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) held at Modotel Hotels, Enugu on 26th March 2009.

The lecture, which theme was ”CRAFTSMAN TRADE THE ENDANGERED SPECIE OF THE ENGINEERING FAMILY” had its topic changed from ”Qualitative Assessment of Today’s Situation and Road map to Redemption” to ”Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Nigeria for the 21st century” by Engr. Diyoke.

Engr. Diyoke anchored the lecture on a recent joint message of UNESCO and ILO, which states that ”As economic, social and technological change gathers pace, people everywhere need to develop their knowledge and skills, on a continuous basis, so that they can live and work meaningfully in the knowledge society. Education and training contribute to an individual’s personal development, increase his/her productivity and incomes at work, and facilitate everybody’s participation in economic and social life. It follows that education and training can also help individuals to escape poverty by providing them with the skills and knowledge to raise their output and generate income. Investing in education and training is therefore an investment in the future; knowledge and skills are the engine of economic growth and social development. 

The effort to provide basic education and literacy for all children and adults will underpin the economic and social development of countries by ensuring the capacity of people to learn and provide the foundation for their employability and access to decent work” 

Engr. Diyoke examined the present status of technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Nigeria. He looked at the disappearance of trade schools, the crass neglect of trade centres and technical colleges, socio-economic conditions and the stigma attached to artisans and craftsmen (those skilled in using their hands in construction), and concluded that the glamour and allure of white collar jobs have given rise to the decay of TVET, disintegration of the time tested and traditional apprenticeship system, demand for technical qualifications, such as City and Guilds and RSA of London, etc. He lamented that the resultant effect is that even craftsmen in the construction industry are now in very short supply.

Engr. Diyoke suggested actions to take in reversing this decay and revitalizing TVET in Nigeria, as it concerns government, contractors, professional bodies like BBTE/COREN and other stakeholders.

The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) has honoured the Managing Director of Diyokes Consultants Limited (DCL), Engr. Inno. Diyoke, as one of its resource persons, who has contributed so much to the intellectual development of the organisation. 

The honour was done with an award, which took place recently in Abuja, Nigeria. During the presentation of the certificate for the award, COREN noted that Engr. Diyoke has been one of the very few engineers in the country, whose contributions in the area of civil/structural and water engineering have been very helpful to the organisation in carrying out its regulatory functions. The organisation enjoined Engr. Diyoke to set up a resource centre, which will provide useful assistance to practicing engineers in carrying out their activities. Engr. Diyoke responded by promising the organisation that such centre will soon take off through his organisation website.

Ebonyi State Community based urban development projects, worth billions of naira have been completed. These projects were carried out with the assistance of World Bank. The projects, which the designs were done by Diyokes Consultants Limited (DCL) include: 

  1. Omega-Okpuitumo-Ndibam-Nkwegu road (10.329 Km) and 5-Span Onu Ebonyi Okpuitumo river bridge 
  2. Omege Noyo-Agolagu Nwakpu Alike road (11.5 Km) and 6-Span Onu Ebonyi Omege Noyo river bridge 
  3. Onu-Igboji-Ngbabo-Amunwo-Agbenyim-Ugwueke-Inyimagu-Udumowo-Oferekpe road (13.8 Km) and 7 Span Onu Ebonyi Agbaenyim river bridge
  4. Ezillo-Ezzagu road, Abakaliki 
  5. Nwezenyi-Onu Ebonyi Echara road and bridge 
  6. 21Km Abakaliki Urban roads 
  7. 21Km Abakaliki Urban roads 
  8. Dual carriageway entrance road to Federal Polytechnic Unwana, Afikpo 
  9. Internal Ploytechnic roads and drainage, Unwana, Afikpo

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