Computer Equipment

Diyokes Consultants Limited operations are fully and totally computerized as we have since embraced and adopted computer aided design (CAD) in 1997. In addition to procuring and utilizing state of the art computer aided design software such as STAAD III for structural analysis and design, WATNET for hydraulic water network design and optimization, HYDROCAD for hydrologic studies, basin modeling and analysis, AutoCAD for drafting, Auto Civil for highways, and Arc Info, Freehand and Corel Draw for graphics. We have developed in-house capability and have produced various customized software for computer modeling, optimization and design of water network systems, flooding and soil erosion control, structural analysis and design, etc.

We have the following minimum computer equipment and software facilities:

Desktop Computers
Intel Pentium IV, 850MHZ, 512MB RAM 15 No
80 GBHDD. 17 Colored Monitor, CD-ROM Drive (52 x)
Hewlett Packard (HP 1120c Deskjet) Printer 2 No
Accessories: APS?UPS. Stabilizer. etc 15 sets
Laptop Computer
HP Compaq NX 7300 6 No
Versatec Electrostatic Plotter (AO size) 1 No
HP Design Jet Plotter (AO size) 1 No
HP 850C Plotter (AO size) 1 No


  • M. S Office-MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Power Point
  • Project Management and supervision: M. S. Project, M.S. Super project, Prima Vera
  • Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing: STAAD III, Prokon, Staad PRO 2005, SAP 2000 Version 8
  • Mechanical Engineering: Plant Design Software (PDS)
  • Highways and Roads: Auto Civil 3D (Autodesk), Land Development, CivilCAD 2006 (sivan), AutoCAD
  • Bridges: Lucas B.S, SAP2000, Staad PRO

  • Graphics: AutoCAD, Auto CIVIL, Arc Info, Freehand, Corel Draw

Other Equipment:

HP 5200 scanner 3 No
Photocoppy machine (sharp) 4 No
Spiral Binding machine 2 No

A. Transportation Equipment

504 GR Saloon car 1 No
504 Hilux pickup van 2 No
230 M/Benz 2 No
Corolla saloon car 2 No
Terrano jeep 2 No

B. Survey Equipment

Total station (EDM) Theodolite 2 No
Leveling instruments 2 sets
Ranging poles, tapes and chain sets  
Altimeter 1 No
Planimeter 2 No
Handheld GPS (Garmin 76) 2 No

C. Geotechnical/ soil survey equipment lot


Other facilities and equipment include:

Furnished headquarters duplex office with design offices equipped with computers; drawing office equipped with elite drawing boards with accessories, library, conference room, computer room, reception and store.

We are able to mobilize more equipment resources to meet needs of our projects at very short notice.

Our Mission

It is to provide the client with a comprehensive consultancy service and by utilizing modern, state of the art, advanced management and engineering techniques, and information technology assure high quality, with utmost speed, efficiency and best economy.