Professional Staff Resources

DIYOKES Consultants Limited staff resources has depended on projects at hand and on the clients’ project requirements. The Firm’s full time professional staff deployment at peak load is as follows:

Civil engineer 4
Sanitary/water engineer 4
Mechanical engineers 2
Electrical engineers 2
Highway engineer 2
Structural engineer 3
Irrigation/drainage engineer 2
Contract/cost engineer 2
Hydrologist 1
Hydro-geologist 3
Land Surveyor 2
Economist/management expert 1
Geo-technical engineer 1
Town planner 1
Sociologist 1
Environmental engineer 2
Total 33

In addition to DIYOKES Consultants full time staff, the firm is able to draw from the expertise of its joint venture partners and collaborating firms, to enhance the range of skills and experience available for the provision of comprehensive and total engineering consultancy services to ensure that the needs of projects and clients are fully and timely met.

Our Mission

It is to provide the client with a comprehensive consultancy service and by utilizing modern, state of the art, advanced management and engineering techniques, and information technology assure high quality, with utmost speed, efficiency and best economy.